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2014 under way

February 12, 2014

the new year is off to a promising start. i am knocking around an idea for a hand-built limited edition book of drawings, and looking at different ways to design a spine which could hold 60-100 pages while being easy to page through, nice to the touch, and durable. all printed on 100 % rag paper with archival ink. and naturally, making the original drawings available for purchase, too. i have been uneasy with the traditional model of artist-decorating-well-to-do-interiors-through-sale-of-art-through-traditional-galleries for awhile but it is a challenge to find alternative ways to connect with an audience, especially for an introvert who’d rather sit quietly and draw. stay tuned.

Mid-year update

May 30, 2013

i’ve been negligent in updating/photographing my drawings this year but i hope to very soon. meanwhile, here’s a jpg of the sculpture i made using FreeForm software. it’s been printed somewhere in israel and it’s on the way to texas. can’t wait to see it in person, sand it, polish it and hug it. thanks to nancy hairston and heather gorham for their amazing help and facility/software use!

bust of a youth

mid-summer update

July 12, 2012

on the 2012 page, i’ve added 4 new drawings, 3 of which are pencil drawings; one is a larger-scale narrative piece. all continue my exploration of battle engagement.

more new drawings

April 7, 2012

series continues – 6 new drawings added to the 2012 page.

life during war time?

January 22, 2012

new updates to be seen under “2012″ are the start of a series of drawings based on a war play narrative. i’ve added black watercolor here and there to the drawings; they maintain the same level of detail as always but the 2012 drawings were photographed for the website rather than scanned so one gets a warmer sense of the paper but not as much detail as the 2011 scanned drawings.

Summer Drawings Finished

August 21, 2011

I’ve photographed and posted the 12 drawings that make up this series which for now I’m calling “Nudes and Semi Nudes.” See “Art 2011.”

A new series

July 23, 2011

After spending the latter part of the spring 2011 studying human faces and doing some figure drawing, I began focusing on de-cartooning my ink drawings. The result is an ongoing series of nudes and semi nudes from my imagination, but with a focus on the little heroes as if they are posing for me, which I suppose they are, in my head. Some larger ones (too large to be scanned) will be posted once I have photographed them. Please enjoy the page entitled “Art 2011.”


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